Monday, November 22, 2010

Best In Show

I recently signed up to be a volunteer with the Visual Arts Center of Richmond and last Saturday I helped at the 46th Annual Craft + Design Show. It was held at the Science Museum of Virginia where craftsmen and designers from all over the country showcased their best work.
After my shift was over I rushed to the rotunda where most of the shops were set up. I made a quick circle through all of the booths. Relieved to see that I was not too late to catch the best items of the show I later made another round. This time it was a slower one, where I stopped and talked to the artists, admired their talent and documented everything I loved.

Don Shelton, an artist blacksmith of A Touch Of The Past, makes these incredible benches and tables. Every item is one-of-a-kind and he does work with custom orders. The prices are surprisingly affordable. Not only I was impressed with his products, but also by his custom-made backdrop. He made this display out of sheets of corrugated metal framed into plywood that he later painted red. I personally see a great value in this item. Some day one lucky customer will purchase it for an amazing interior installation. Possibilities are endless!


Joseph Gower of GDG Studios designs and makes all of his beautiful porcelain products by hand. His collection of modern vases, bowls and cups is very simplistic, yet the multifaceted planes make it so intricate. Microwave and dishwasher safe feature makes it very user-friendly.
An animal head on a wall that doubles as a lighting fixture? -Brilliant!


Erica Gordon of Steel Toe Studios makes hand forged belt buckles and belts that can be mixed and matched. One can choose between a colorful leather belt or a recycled bike tubes belt to snap on any of the buckles.


Jenny Mendes of Jenny Mendes uses clay as her primary material to create beautiful products. A variety of pottery, tiles and sculptures is later painted with a delicate technique in a very unique style.

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