Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Barcelona Necklace

~Plaid Dress
~Copper Earrings

I have had this plaid dress for over two years now. I bought it during my vacation to Barcelona. The dress was a total bargain. It originally had a pair of ties around the waist that were supposed to tie back, but since I was not crazy about them I cut them off right away. Lonely and sad, these two ties were laying around for a while. Last weekend I decided to make something useful out of them. Searching for ideas these copper earrings came to mind. Coincidentally, I purchased them on the same trip to Barcelona at the museum shop of Casa Mila. I get immediately inspired by the combination of vibrant colors of plaid and the copper of the earrings.

After finding the desirable components, including three sizes of copper chain links and two different kinds of glass beads, the Barcelona Necklace was born.


  1. seriously, i think you are a genius! its beautiful!!!!!!!

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