Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Sometimes my own pancakes smile at me...
And it makes me smile!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Arts Around the Lake

Yesterday I visited the 31st annual Arts Around the Lake show at the campus of University of Richmond. What a beautiful campus that is! If you ever get a chance to visit you will not regret. But my story is really not about the school or it's surroundings.

Designer Donna Silvestri of On U is following her dream that in reality brought her to selling her jewelry in many high-end boutiques throughout the country. One of the first products that caught my eye was this 5 Strand Pearl Necklace:

as well as the Byzantine Bezel-Set Button Necklace:

And I absolutely adore the Studio 54 Necklace:

Annegret A. Massey may be new to sculpture, but her distinctive style reflects travels from all over the world and embraces simplicity and originality.

Windsor chair-making must be one of the most complicated in the entire seating industry. William D. Jenkins of Locust Farm Windsors is a true craftsmen. Using traditional techniques he creates these beautiful chairs to order. They are very comfortable. I personally tested a rocker and it passed my critical examination. Typically rockers are very tricky to balance out; most of the modern ones tend to lean forward, but his chair was perfect! Plus he uses chemically-safe Milk Paint that created a worn-in effect. And the colors are gorgeous!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Happy Autumn!

Illustration by me.
Oh, I am so happy fall is here! After the excruciating heat and humidity of the summer and many encounters with never-ending battalions of mosquitoes I am ready for some cool weather. It may still be 97 degrees outside and mosquito bites are the most painful yet, but I am ready more than ever for a season change!
Maybe if I start wearing those boots that have been waiting patiently in my closet, it will cool off sooner? Or maybe if I start drinking hot apple cider I will finally be able to enjoy outdoors without wearing the perfume of an insect repellent? Maybe none of this will work. But my calendar says 'fall' and I am optimistic!
In spirit of the season I go searching for interesting items. And here is what I find:

This beautiful Auer Umbrella from Marimekko's Fall/Winter collection, to keep one dry.

Also, this Marimekko's Onneli Shoulder Bag to carry a lipstick or two...

Burberry Check Pattern Rain Boot to keep ones feet dry and stylish while walking through the puddles.

Plus this Moonlight Blazer from Anthropologie to add chicness.

As well as a pair of Chelsea Jeans from Joe's to add toughness.

Am I forgetting something? Oh, wait a second...

How about the Fullmetala Belt from Diesel?

And lastly one could add this funky Antonia Hat from Claudia Schulz.

Happy Autumn!!!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Home Is Wherever I'm With You

Future location of Barnes Foundation under construction:

An - thro - po - lo - gie!

... at Audrey Claire:

Anyone knows what is going to replace good old Brasserie Perrier? The new facade is being built as we speak:

Not the most parking-friendly city in the world...

Snack time?

Love the bicycle rack:

La Colombe!


Breakfast at Anna's:

Can someone please tell me what's the story behind these little man figures, the ones that appear in asphalt?

Time to go...

Home, sweet home!...

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