Friday, September 24, 2010

Happy Autumn!

Illustration by me.
Oh, I am so happy fall is here! After the excruciating heat and humidity of the summer and many encounters with never-ending battalions of mosquitoes I am ready for some cool weather. It may still be 97 degrees outside and mosquito bites are the most painful yet, but I am ready more than ever for a season change!
Maybe if I start wearing those boots that have been waiting patiently in my closet, it will cool off sooner? Or maybe if I start drinking hot apple cider I will finally be able to enjoy outdoors without wearing the perfume of an insect repellent? Maybe none of this will work. But my calendar says 'fall' and I am optimistic!
In spirit of the season I go searching for interesting items. And here is what I find:

This beautiful Auer Umbrella from Marimekko's Fall/Winter collection, to keep one dry.

Also, this Marimekko's Onneli Shoulder Bag to carry a lipstick or two...

Burberry Check Pattern Rain Boot to keep ones feet dry and stylish while walking through the puddles.

Plus this Moonlight Blazer from Anthropologie to add chicness.

As well as a pair of Chelsea Jeans from Joe's to add toughness.

Am I forgetting something? Oh, wait a second...

How about the Fullmetala Belt from Diesel?

And lastly one could add this funky Antonia Hat from Claudia Schulz.

Happy Autumn!!!

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