Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Anthropologie Fall Fashion Show

This year's Anthropologie Fall Fashion Show was filled with interesting faces. I found myself being extremely comfortable amongst people that share similar interests in style, level of detail & shopping experience.
The food was on par with the fashion. Delicious, sophisticated & beautifully presented.
I wish events like this happened more often...

Photos by Dirty Richmond

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Vintage White Glaze

Today's inspiration came from Russian Tula Pryanik. These delicious honey cakes vary from bite-size to bread-loaf size, and go especially well with black tea. I have been enjoying them since I was little, fascinated by the different themes embossed on the face of each pryanik:

1. Terracotta Table Lamp from West Elm
2. Flap-Top Shoulder Hobo from Nancy Gonzalez Collection at Neiman Marcus
3. Hand-painted terracotta Hive Vase in White from West Elm
4. Tin Roof Switchplate from Anthropologie
5. Metropolitan Hook from Anthropologie
6. Bubbles Ceramic Side Table from West Elm
7. Brushed-White Wood Mirror from Neiman Marcus

Friday, September 9, 2011

Best This Fall from Fiorentini + Baker

The weather is cooling off, the days are noticeably shorter, there is a slight hint of fall in the air. The change of season means the change of wardrobe and accessories. Here are some of my favorites from Fiorentini + Baker:

  1. Nico - Nacho Boots
  2. Eternity - Egon Boots
  3. Sella Bag
  4. Ziggy - Zira Clogs
  5. Eternity - Elk Booties
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