Monday, August 30, 2010

For You, Bacon Lovers!

I get this box of bacon peanut brittle from M&M.
I love the box!
I open it...

I have never tried anything this good!

If you are a sucker for good chocolate and bacon you absolutely may want to try Sir Francis Bacon Peanut Brittle. And hurry, before I eat it all!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Metal Pointu's: A True Find

On our last trip to New York City CB and I do our usual thing: we walk around checking out stores, discovering new products, getting inspired and energized by the architecture, watching the restless never-ending crowd of tourists and locals.
We drink a cappuccino.
We pick a good restaurant and enjoy a great meal.
We drink another cappuccino. (Good times!)
We search for more stores and products…
Hidden in the middle of Nolita Metal Pointu's is a true find. The jewelry store offers products designed by a Parisian artist Bernard Bouhnik. Made out of tin, bronze and silver his products are very bold and daring. They are urban and hip, and are very rock’n’roll. Here are some of my favorites:






I walk out of the store with a cute little shopping bag scoring the coolest ring in the store!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Moment, Captured

Recently I decided to draw a portrait from a picture I took on our trip to Brooklyn last summer. I remember everything about that particular moment: the hot humid air, the fragrance of burning candles, the taste of wine I was drinking and great conversations we had with Sarah. And the hat! Everyone took turns to take pictures wearing it.
The moment was priceless!
Using an unfamiliar to me medium, pastels, on watercolor paper I created this textural drawing which turned out to have almost pixelated effect.
Not quite Georges Seurat, I know...
But looking at it brings me back to that time and gives me warm and fuzzy feeling.
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