Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Wednesday Decor: Bathroom, Before & After



When we moved into our house, our bathroom was dark and gloomy. The charcoal grey of the walls and the ceiling cast dark shadows on our faces in the mirror. I decided to work with what we had and make it as bright as possible. First and foremost, I removed the cabinet above the toilet: it made the already-narrow space feel too cluttered. The walls and the ceiling then were painted bright white. It made such a big difference, the transformation was instantaneous! The white shower curtain with bright elegant print, one-of-a-kind artwork and the little decorative mirror pulled this old bathroom together. We ended up with a well-lit happy space.

Shower curtain: Marimekko
Framed drawings of a nude: by navyblueshoe
Little round mirror: original from Anthropologie. Similar available: Coat Of Arms Mirror

Monday, February 27, 2012

Monday Style: Pretty Summer Prints From Afar

Another Monday is here and it looks like the temperature outside is going to be in mid 60s for the most part of the week!
I am starting to think about warm-weather outfits. Here are some of my favorites from Afia's Summer 2012 Collection. Afia is sustainable apparel line for women with a purpose: they purchase traditional African prints from small vendors in Ghana; then the garments are sewn by Ghanaian seamstresses paid a fair wage. The fashion forward philosophy of the silhouettes, combined with beautiful prints of textiles are simply amazing.
Here is to a happy brand-new week!

Friday, February 17, 2012

Friday Arts & Crafts: Vermilion

I am a big fan of Vermilion color, especially with the upcoming spring season. I recently bought Vermilion ink from Winsor & Newton, and I love the illustration on its packaging. I added this picture of a cardinal I took yesterday, right outside of our house. These birds are simply beautiful.

Friday Arts & Crafts: Cross-Stitching Embroidery

My cousin just finished this beautiful cross-stitched embroidery. I wanted to share with everyone, especially with those of you who are into crafts.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Wednesday Decor: Living Room, Before & After



Changing the paint of the brick around the fireplace from black to white brightened up the space and made the fireplace look grander. Paint between the wood panels: Duron Navajo White



Large standing mirror: Hovet from Ikea
Table Lamp: from West Elm
Chair: Bertoia Side Chair and red cushion from Knoll

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Do It Yourself: Valentine's Day Gift Wrap

While my last year's Valentine's Day gift wrapping was simple and elegant, I wanted to do something completely different this time. I decided to go back to the good-old brown bag and embroider it with red yarn.

First step was to draw an outline of a heart and break it in even increments, marking each one for a new stitch. As this was my second take, I made sure the marks are farther apart from each other: paper is easy to tear when stitches are too close.

Then I punctured paper at each mark with my crochet hook (you can use another sharp object, just make sure it is thicker than a regular needle).

One-by-one - I stitched each line making sure they they are parallel to each other.

Then I went back in the opposite direction, creating perpendicular yarn lines.

I love how much texture it created. Just like my last year's idea, it turned out to be warm and fuzzy. Most importantly, this year it has more of a hand-made quality to it.

Love Is All You Need

You may or may not choose to celebrate this Valentine's Day, but you must agree that love is simply the most beautiful gift that we all possess.
This Valentine's day illustration series of hearts is a little celebration of love: today, every day, in everyone's life!

By navyblueshoe, ink on paper

Monday, February 13, 2012

Monday Style: Stripes

Happy Monday everyone! I am starting this new week with something I have been a huge fan of for as long as I remember: STRIPES. When worn thoughtfully, a nice stripe will flatter anyone. It will give confidence and bring a timeless touch to any ensemble. Just think of Coco Chanel who introduced the world of fashion to the famous horizontal striped shirt, traditionally worn by sailors and fishermen.
With the audacious direction in which our modern fashion is going I am especially thrilled to witness (and wear myself) mixed patterns; nowadays they are more acceptable than ever before! It has to be well edited and not overdone, but mixing stripe with plaid or florals, or even better - polka-dots, can look absolutely amazing. Just be mindful of scale.
Going back to plain old stripe, I simply love it and cannot get enough of it. This little selection I put together is just a small drop in the ocean of what the fashion industry offers today. Hope you enjoy it!
Tie Back Stripe Swing Top, LOFT
Chevron Comfort Set, Anthropologie
Stripe Sweater-Skirt, J.Crew
Multi Colored Wedge, Pierre Hardy
Striped Canvas/Printed Python Bag, Proenza Shouler
Petit Bateau Turtleneck, Ann Mashburn
Benji Shorts, A.L.C.
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