Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Wednesday Decor: Resilient House Plants

Do you have a green thumb? If not, read on. When it comes to growing them at home, I must admit, my plants do not survive for a very long time. I usually blame it on the poor daylight coming through the windows, or on too much sun, or on the radiators being too hot. Whatever the real reason is, somehow I manage to kill most of my house plants.

Well, just in time for the upcoming spring, when everyone will begin their spring-cleaning, old-junk-tossing and redecorating, West Elm is giving people like you and me a chance to have a green thumb by offering these low-maintenance Succulents & Cacti. Shipping in sets of 3 randomly selected plants, they can be displayed not only in traditional pots, but also in wall planters, terrariums, and hanging glass bubbles:

Looking at all of these resilient plants inside the beautiful glass planters gives me hope. I am ready to take another chance! How about you?


  1. LOVE Terrariums! Thanks for sharing.

  2. I personally feel that terrariums and succulents don't mix well. Drainage is important for succulents, and it can be hard to accomplish good drainage in a terrarium.

    Also, if you have little sunlight, it might not be a good idea to get random succulents, since many of them are very light-needy. You might want to look specifically for low-light succulents, such as haworthias.

    The airplants you have in some of the pictures, though, will do well in terrariums and low light. The most important thing for them is moisture/humidity, which is best accomplished with daily spritzing, especially in the winter (and if you miss spritzing, the worst that will happen is that the tips will dry out and turn brown).

    1. Dear Fuzzytrees,

      Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge about succulents. I never thought about the issue of drainage and sunlight in terrariums, but it all makes sense!

      Have a great weekend!



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