Monday, June 27, 2011

Fun Summer Style

TREAT FOR YOUR FEET: I love the dark teal color of the Muse Nail Varnish from Illamasqua. The color is very pure, modern and unique, and it changes depending on the lighting. It looks absolutely beautiful on my toes with its high gloss finish. (Who would have thought the Teal is going to be called Modern again?)
FUN SHOES: Tack Room Heels will go along well with the funky teal on my toes.
BAGS DO NOT GET ANY CUTER: than the Sett & Reset Tote. All of the essentials will easily fit in this spacious bag. The pretty plaid pattern of the silk trimmed in leather is so much fun!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

NBS: Fall 2011 Color Forcast

I have been saying it for years now: Navy is the new Black. I've said it with an eyeliner and a nail polish. I've wrapped my neck with a long navy-blue scarf that I got as a gift from Paris, even in a 90-degrees weather. I've stayed true to it with my wardrobe and those favorite Fiorentini+Baker boots you see me wearing all the time. It even effected the name of my blog!
There is no question: navy-blue is IN. These beautiful Midnight Meeting Oxfords below are a great number from the Anthropologie's fall collection.
I could not resist including this adorable In-The-Deep Bag. Best part is - it is on sale now and the price is right. And so is the color.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Hot Summer Planter

My friend CB just recently shared this photo of an old cast iron stove she found in her grandmother's house in Northern Germany. Being one of the most creative persons I know, she always surprises me with brilliant ideas. This time, instead of getting rid of the old dysfunctional stove, she refinished it and turned it into a planter. Now, how clever is that?
I love the contrast: an industrial heavy metal hot item that grows a delicate flower arrangement. And the best part is - it can be used both inside the house or outside in the garden. Truly, one of a kind hot summer planter!
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