Monday, September 27, 2010

Arts Around the Lake

Yesterday I visited the 31st annual Arts Around the Lake show at the campus of University of Richmond. What a beautiful campus that is! If you ever get a chance to visit you will not regret. But my story is really not about the school or it's surroundings.

Designer Donna Silvestri of On U is following her dream that in reality brought her to selling her jewelry in many high-end boutiques throughout the country. One of the first products that caught my eye was this 5 Strand Pearl Necklace:

as well as the Byzantine Bezel-Set Button Necklace:

And I absolutely adore the Studio 54 Necklace:

Annegret A. Massey may be new to sculpture, but her distinctive style reflects travels from all over the world and embraces simplicity and originality.

Windsor chair-making must be one of the most complicated in the entire seating industry. William D. Jenkins of Locust Farm Windsors is a true craftsmen. Using traditional techniques he creates these beautiful chairs to order. They are very comfortable. I personally tested a rocker and it passed my critical examination. Typically rockers are very tricky to balance out; most of the modern ones tend to lean forward, but his chair was perfect! Plus he uses chemically-safe Milk Paint that created a worn-in effect. And the colors are gorgeous!

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