Thursday, November 11, 2010

An Old Folk Remedy

Antique Suzani and Suzanni Chair

Tula Painted Samovar and Wingspan Heels

Bodomgul Design Decorative Cushion Cover and Kremlin Trivet

Antique Suzani and Quirky Heirloom Throw

Bunch of Flowers Seven Matryoshkas and Matryoshka Tea Towel

Traditional Ikat Pillow and Essex Upholstered Ottoman in Ikat Gray


  1. Love this resurgence of Ikat and Suzanis. I just bought a remnant of the fabric used to upholster the chair in your first image! Haven't decided what to do with it yet...

  2. Although I love the symmetry of the Suzani style, which traditionally is applied in the same matter to upholstery, I think it could also be interesting to use it off-center on something like a pillow or a bag.


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