Friday, October 8, 2010

Floors, Slippers & Rugs

When I was growing up shoes were never allowed in my house. It was not even a question; it was part of our culture. You had an option of either walking barefoot or wearing slippers. We always had a great selection of slippers for our guests.

I remember every summer my mom would put away all of the rugs. She'd say bare floors make it easier to breathe when it is hot. And it did. It also made it easier to mop the floors more often to keep them super clean.

Now that I live thousands of miles away from home same rules apply. At times I feel embarrassed asking people to take off their shoes, but I still do. Why bring the dirt and germs inside? Plus it could save a rug or two...

I love clean floors. I enjoy walking barefoot and feel nothing but the wood boards under my feet, not even a single bread crumb is allowed. And now that the summertime is over I am ready to put on my slippers and roll out those rugs.

In my opinion slippers don't have to be ugly or funny. They can be elegant and feminine. This is how I like my slippers to be, like this Peppermint one:

Or the Doublar in silver and Iris in gold:

Well, you get the idea...

As for the rugs, this Laser Cut Java Runner would work perfectly at the entrance. Shoes will not go beyond this point, and the dark color will easily hide the dirt.

The Status Stripe Dhurrie could be another option, depending on one's taste:

Or how about the Jaguar Rug:

Or the Field of Poppies Hand-Knotted Rug:

None of this may be your style at all, but if for some reason you do decide to visit you better be ready to take off those shoes!


  1. ms navy blue.... i love those peppermint slippers!!! and they are no longer available! boo!

  2. Oh, no...! I was planning to get a pair for myself, too. :(

  3. The shoes and the rugs are pretty good! When I was a kid, my mother would not allowed dirty shoes inside our home for it will be harder for her to clean up the floors and rugs. And now that I have my own family, I've also applied the same rule to our own home. But one time when my son came home from school, he forgot to remove his shoes and started running around on our carpeted floors making them so dirty. So I called up the carpet cleaners (Cypress area) and they absolutely did a very great job in carpet cleaning (Cypress).


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