Wednesday, June 19, 2013

SiNY: Day 8 of 39

Made it through day 8 :).
Tomorrow we are starting a group project with Pavia Rosati, the CEO and Founder of Fathom. Glad we had our morning fireside chat with her where we learned about her experience, her ideals and the philosophy behind the company. She is a very interesting individual and I found myself thinking we have many things in common.
An intrack session with Nathan Goulding, the founder and CEO of Swishu. He is very knowledgeable and a great teacher.
A super-personable afternoon chat with Divya Gugnani, a co-founder of Send the Trend(!)
Another intrack session of the day, this time with Bradsreet Rand of Startup Institute NY. Thank you, Brad, for your guidance!
Met an alumni of Startup Institute Boston, Aeron Glover today. (I am only 31 days away from being there :))

End of day summary: many things are starting to come together.
Network is expanding. Head is 'exploding' with things learned.
Thankful for having great new friends.
No pictures today, sorry.

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