Tuesday, June 18, 2013

SiNY: Day 7 of 38

A very busy day.
My team and I met with Pavia Rosati, the CEO and Founder of Fathom. From now on, every Thursday we will be working on a group project at Fathom (!)

Then a super-helpful session with Danya Cheskis-Gold on personal presentation, dress and behavior.

Later in the day we had our first career fair with the following companies:
Rent the Runway
Stray Boots
Rent Hop
Lean Startup Machine
Mortar Data

Got some freebies :)

Beautiful sunset on the way home, and it is still light outside(!)

End of day summary: got on a wrong train on my way to school (note to self: catch up on sleep). Met incredibly interesting and inspiring individuals at the career fair; definitely interested in working for some of those companies.

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