Monday, March 5, 2012

Monday Style: Garance Doré

I am a huge fan of Garance Doré's style. Plus I love-love-love reading her stories! The way she speaks to her audience through illustration, photography and writing is eminently relatable and infectious.

This print she did in collaboration with Kate Spade, consists of everything I am super-interested in: fashion, interiors & illustration. You cannot go wrong with something that is three-in-one, can you?! (It is like having your favorite ice-cream with your best friend, while watching your favorite movie!) Maybe not the most perfect comparison... But going back to the print: it is so much fun, I want all of the outfits the little people on it are wearing! Even the striped shirt on the guy. Oh, and the details... like the famous Platner Table & Florence Knoll Lounge Chair, lighting fixtures, mirrors & artwork, champagne bottles & flutes, - all of that makes me want to hang out in that imaginary world of the stylish illustration Garance created!

Happy Monday to you all and Happy Style!

Images: 1/2/3

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