Friday, March 2, 2012

Friday Arts & Crafts: Stenciled Apron & Kitchen Towel

After my first experience with fabric stenciling I shared a few months ago (see Pillow Coronation) I went forward with making more projects. I decided to make an apron and a kitchen towel. While I designed my own crown stencil for the pillow, this time around I used the design of roses offered in Lena Corwin's book Printing by Hand. I applied Procion MX Dye mixture in Brilliant Orange to a striped cotton/linen blend fabric (I'll share the formula if you are interested). I love the effect the layer of dye created on top of the already-striped fabric! Unexpected details, such as the checkered ribbon loop of the towel and the bright print of the waist band of the apron, made these pieces very unique.

Stay tuned for more projects I'll be sharing in the near future!

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