Saturday, January 21, 2012

Letters From Home

It was way before Skype, when we used to write each other letters, my Mom would include a little surprise inside, something sentimental, something that meant so much to me. She would dry a flower or a leaf and place it between pages of a hand-written message, her beautiful cursive, nesting between each line, one-of-a-kind. Just like her writing, each plant would dry in its unique way.

The other day I re-discovered my little Herbarium collection in a long forgotten book. The red flowers belong to a plant that I believe may be a part of cactus family. It has long rose-like stems with thorns, and it blooms very often. Very colorful little flowers pop atop every stem, making it look very festive. I cannot recall its name.

The green leaves of Adiantum, that is commonly called maidenhair, are so delicate and pretty. It is one of my favorite indoors plants.

This beautiful artwork of blooming cacti by Lisa Rivas makes me smile.

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