Friday, January 20, 2012

Friday Art: Maharam Calendar Cover

I was so excited to get the new Maharam calendar this year, the one that every interior designer gets from their local rep. Especially since I missed the one from 2011. Every year it is a surprise. While they keep the same format, the cover is embossed with a new pattern & texture, white-on-white, satin & matte. Something that reflects the aesthetics of their beautiful textiles. The year color also changes. A bright satin ribbon inside serves as a bookmark. Quality paper, beautiful font, page-by-page. Hard not to get excited!

The 2009 was my first one. I embellished it with a drawing of a bright red flower. It turned into sort of a surprise of its own: the texture and the quality of pattern took the marker in a different way, disappearing from the glossy parts, creating something totally new.

Then there was the 2010, to which I added a simple navy-blue flower.

The 2012 is my favorite! I love the two colors I selected for the illustration of a rose.

Graphics by A4 Studio for Maharam
Photos by navyblueshoe

P.S.: If you have one of these and wanted to submit your drawing, please email me at:

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