Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Some Boots Get Better With Age

It is hard to imagine how a pair of boots can compare to a good bottle of wine. But I stand behind my viewpoint of Fiorentini + Baker.The philosophy of this brand is quality, style and comfort. The vintners of my wine analogy hale from two great origins: one from Italy, another from the UK. They put their minds together to craft an ultimate vintage boot. Perfect for almost any occasion they are made out of leather inside and out. The more you wear them the more beautiful they get as these boots acquire a signature patina, while molding perfectly to the shape of your foot. You would never want to wear another brand, ever again! And while the company is about to present their new collection during the Fashion Week in London at the end of this month, I still admire my favorites from the Winter 2010:

Available at Barneys.
P.S.: Taking your boots to a knowledgeable cobbler is essential: they will serve you longer and age with grace.

1 comment:

  1. What great boots! Each one has its own personality yet when seen together it's clear they all have the same inspiration behind them. But I would hate to get snow on any of them!


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