Sunday, February 14, 2010

Purple Rain

Everyone who knows me well can assure you that purple will be the last color I will add to my wardrobe. But the true color admirer I am, I do appreciate its royal beauty, though from a distance. The reality is, its power can be dangerous to a sensitive eye and when used in a certain shade on a certain skin tone it may appear sickly. As I am typing this away my perfect nails are painted in a perfect purple that I discovered. Nars Cosmetics just came out with a perfection of a purple nail color in their Spring 2010 Collection: it has just the right amount of red and blue notes. It is neither too dark nor too light, yet it would look gorgeous with any skin tone! Purple Rain (gothic purple) is available for $16.00 at Sephora. But hurry! Its popularity is wiping out stores' shelves!

Purple Rain

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