Monday, January 10, 2011

Poster Perfect

I never considered myself a poster person. Never hung one at home. Always thought of myself as authentic-painting-type-of-girl. Well, this very afternoon I have been on an unexpected hunt for a perfect... poster. You see, I recently started this new job and my very own office has empty walls that require some personalization. A painting, I thought, would be too personal. A poster could be cool. An over-sized one, with bold colors. Something I could look at at any point of my work day and feel better, feel confident and inspired. Something vintage, French perhaps, but not at all suggestive. Something Vogue, but not girly. Something that would not imply any political inclination. Something that would say: she is elegant and tasteful, smart and resourceful, professional and confident, authoritative and tough, but with a great sense of humor, of course. Something perfect...

The Supremes Lincoln Center
Suggestions are welcome! What do you think I should get?

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