Monday, July 12, 2010

Safari On The Wall

Last time I paid a visit to my favorite location of Anthropologie, which is in Philadelphia, I came across these amazing papier mache animal heads:

Savannah Story Bust, Rhino

Savannah Story Bust, Giraffe

Savannah Story Bust, Gazelle

Savannah Story Bust, Zebra

Made out of layers of repurposed cement bags and covered with vintage French book pages these handmade animal heads could bring a little sense of humor to the traditional architecture of my living room. So if I were to buy a couple they would look like this:

Perhaps I should look into making them myself. A quick search through the web brought me to the Ultimate Paper Mache blog where the author takes me on a journey of different techniques to make sculptures out of paper and paste. Am I up for this challenge? We shall see! Until then I am off to paint the brick around the fireplace.

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