Saturday, May 8, 2010

Summer Breeze Will Have Fun With These!

When I was little I used to love wearing a flowing skirt and twirl fascinated by the layers of it opening into a pretty flower. This Banderole Tank reminds me of those times. Fun pattern of its airy silk has a very flattering shape. Those tiers will move with you and the wind. Imagine yourself dancing at a beach party in this top!

The criss-cross detail in the back is very pretty:

Available at Anthropologie for $98.00.

This beautiful creation reminds me of a field full of wild flowers that move every time the slight summer breeze decides to engage them in its dance. Each flower is trimmed with a black thread and then individually attached to the blouse creating a texture that deserves admiration.

A very unexpected innocent-sexy detail in the back makes it even more special!

Available at Anthropologie for $188.00.

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